Payroll Services

In business for over 30 years, Desjardins Payroll and Human Resources Services, the 3rd largest payroll processor in Canada, offers businesses a full range of solutions for payroll, human resources and workplace health and safety, prevention and risk management. More than 18,500 companies that have beyond 850,000 employees use their solution across Canada.

Advantages to using payroll service providers:

  • Never be late with government remittances like CCRA, WCB, CSB payments
  • Always be compliant with current and future government payroll regulations
  • Retain staff by ensuring salaries are paid accurately and on time
  • Know employee data is secure
  • Focus on growing the business, not administration and regulations
  • Receive preferred rates as a Valley Credit Union member

Customer service is a priority for Desjardins and they are constantly working to ensure high quality service. A recent survey reported that their overall rate of customer satisfaction is 98.5%!

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