Each One Teach One

Do you want to improve your financial knowledge and skills to better manage your and your family's finances?

Valley Credit Union is committed to helping our grow! We understand that our region's economy is directly affected by the financial well-being of its individuals. And the individual's financial well-being depends on his/her ability to make good decisions about money. Understanding and using basic financial principles is key to financial strength and independence and yet many people never have the opportunity to learn these skills. This is why we offer the Each One, Teach One program.

Each One, Teach One (EOTO) is an innovative financial literacy program that delivers basic financial skills workshops in community settings. Delivered by volunteer staff from Valley Credit Union, this program is designed to teach money management topics in plain language to the people in our communities.

The only goal of Each One, Teach One is to empower individuals to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families, without promoting any products or services. There will be no sales pitches, no pressure. Just good advice to help you increase your savings, decrease your debt, and manage your money wisely.

Other positive effects include:
  • Increased hopefulness and orientation towards the future
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased self-reliance
  • Enhanced social capital
  • Enhanced inclusion or sense of belonging
  • Reduced risks associated with key financial choices and life events
Workshop topics include:
  • Introduction to basic banking
  • Introduction to basic budgeting
  • Why filing taxes in Canada is a good idea
  • Credit cards and prepaid cards
  • Loans you don't want!
  • Loans: costs and obligations
  • Debt smarts
  • Building a healthy credit history
  • Identify theft and fraud prevention
  • RRSPs and TFSAs: saving for the future
  • Introduction to Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)
  • Understanding contracts